Hands Free Scanner

MS7120 Orbit / MS7180 Orbit CG

Customised depth of field for tight scanning environments
Code Get data transmission is ideal for menu scanning
Aggressive omnidirectional presentation laser bar code
scanner engineered for first-pass read accuracy
Contour shape enables it tobe picked up for easy scanning.

Design for: (sector wise)
» Retail
» Liquor Stores
» Convenience & specially Stores

MS7580 Genesis

Motion tolerance allows for aggresive scanning
Intelligent multi-interface reduces overall system costs
Total Freedom open-system architetecture loads custom application modules directly to imager instead of host
First Flash increases productivity by scanning bar coads on first LED flash

Design for: (sector wise)
» Government, Transportation & Logistics
» Retail & Healthcare
» Entertainment

MS7820 Solaris

Aggressively decodes high-density bar codes and optimizes checkout procedures
Multiple on-board interfaces provide infrastructure protection & ensure compatibility with most POS system
Diagnostic indicator decreases downtime with fast and easy troubleshooting

Design for: (sector wise)
» Convenience store, Drug store
» Grocery store

MS7300 InVista

Aggressive throughput
Customize bar code data for user preference
Built-in-EAS antenna reduces shrinkage

Design for: (sector wise)
» Liquor stores
» POS/Retail
» Convenience and specialty stores and Pharmacies

MS3580 Quantum T

Custom configuration scan pattern
Three modes of operation :raster, single-line or omni directional
Various stand option meet user needs
Extremely aggressive with 1650 scans per second
Small form factor

Design for: (sector wise)
» Convenience stores
» POS/Retail
» Liquor stores and Pharmacies



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