With the P7000HD, migrating to new systems built around Windows and graphics based printing no longer means having to forgo the traditional line matrix benefits of reliability, low cost, and forms flexibility. Preserving all the industry leading features of the 6th generation P7000 platform, the new P7000HD is ready to drop directly in place of any Windows connected laser printer.

  • High Definition print image – 180 x 180 DPI and fine tip hammers
  • High quality rendering of complex fonts, small point sizes, lines, logos, bar codes, and PDF files.
  • Direct drop in replacement for Windows driven laser printers
  • Supports USPS Intelligent Mail Bar Code Initiative
  • P7000 Ultra Capacity HD ribbon – Extra long life with darker sharper print
  • Integrated Print Management – total visibility and control of image quality and consumables
  • Low cost of operation – typically 10x lower than laser or serial matrix
  • Forms flexibility – straight paper path and heavy duty pulling power
  • Super rugged design holds up to abuse and harsh environments
  • 100% duty cycle – designed for relentless printing
  • Whisper quiet operation – models range from 55 dBA which is less than an office laser


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