OEM Scanner


Automatic scanning operation
Programmable depth of field
Single-line mode, Sweet spot mode, Flash ROM
Simply present a bar code, the unit scans in single pass
Customize the scan field for small POS areas eliminating inadvertent scans
Facilitates scanning of items with multiple bar codes, including menus
Provides the user feedback on how well the unit is scanning a bar code in the scan zone
Design for: (sector wise)
» Interactive Kiosks
» Price Lookup System

Low power consumption
High resolution CMOS area imager
FirstFlash™ technology, Miniature and lightweight, Integrated aiming
Ideal for battery-powered devices
Large field of view and scanning area for easy scanning
Increases productivity - captures high quality images on first LED flash virtually every time, regardless of lighting conditions
Easily integrates into small devices
Design for: (sector wise)
» Medical / Dignostic
» Kiosks
» Lottery Terminals



Compact, Automatic scanning operation
Long range/short range activation
Metal housing, Autodiscriminates
Designed to fit efficiently into OEM devices
Scans bar codes as they are presented; triggerless
Activation is programmed to fit your application
No exposed electronic components to prevent damage
Has the ability to scan all standard 1D bar codes
Design for: (sector wise)
» Interactive Kiosks
»Price Lockup System and ATM

IR Object Detection, FirstFlash™, SwiftDecoder™
Multiple Code Select, Slim Form Factor
Robust response in presentation applications for fast and reliable scanner activation
Optimized illumination on first LED flash to delivery aggressive scan performance and increased throughput
Industrial leading software for accurate decoding of all 1D and 2D codes, even damaged or poorly printed ones; supports optical character recognition options
Decodes multiple codes in scan area simultaneously for enhanced productivity
Design for: (sector wise)
» Self Serving Kiosks
» Retail, Ticket / Pass Checking
» Manufacturing / Production Line


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