The P7000H series printers offer all the same reliability, performance, and cost savings of the standard P7000 family, but print at a much higher resolution. Combining the processing power of the P7000 PSA3 controller and fine point hammer design, these printers can reproduce all the elaborate character strokes with precise detail.

  • P7000 Ultra Capacity HD Ribbon - up to 200% longer life with darker, sharper print
  • Wireless/EtWireless and Mobile Printinghernet 802.11b/g option provides real-time data access and local printing flexibility
  • Integrated Print Management - total visibility and control of image quality and consumables
  • Fine point hammer tips and high resolution engine for crisp clear production of complex fonts
  • Flexible variable resolution design allows user to optimize between speed and print quality to meet particular application requirements
  • Maximum resolution 180 x 180 dots per inch
  • High speed - up to 800 LPM
  • Low cost of operation - typically 10X lower than laser or serial matrix
  • Forms flexibility - straight paper path and heavy duty pulling power
  • Rugged design holds up to abuse and harsh environments
  • 100% duty cycle - designed for relentless printing
  • Supports USPS Intelligent Mail Bar Code Initiative
  • Whisper quiet operation - models range from 50-53 dBA which is less than an office laser


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